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What Executive Coaching is Not

Executive Coaching is NOT consulting, therapy, mentoring, training or teaching, although it often borrows concepts from each. 

The distinction, however, is very important for two main reasons:

Consulting Therapy Mentoring Training Teaching
Consultants offer professional advice. Therapists work with both functional and dysfunctional people; they look into the past for solutions to problems or issues. Mentors provide direction, guidance and career advice. Trainers instruct participants on an area of focus or prepare them for a test or a particular event; the emphasis is on skill acquisition based on repetition. Teachers direct the studies of a particular knowledge or impart knowledge on the participants. 
Coaches help clients find their own answers. Coaches work with functioning, motivated people who want to excel further; the focus of the process is on the future. Coaches provide a series of powerful, thought-provoking questions through which clients arrive at their own solutions. Coaches do not instruct their clients, but rather guide them; the emphasis is on introspection, thought and sustainable behavior change. Coaches do not impart anything on clients; they assist them in finding their own voice.
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