Client Services


Whether admired or shunned upon, the area of assessment has its irreplaceable position in every organization. 

Be it in the service of recruitment (where it helps detect most suitable candidates), leadership development (where it represents an objective baseline for change), or succession (where it pinpoints possible future leaders and their strengths and growth areas), assessment is an objective way of making decisions that saves companies money, promotes best choices and represents a solid, analytical base for strategy development.

Our experience in individual and group assessment, together with international assessment centers, guarantees the best available service to our clients.  In addition to extensive behavioral interviews and various role playing, we use and interpret a variety of existing assessment tools to measure both cognitive and emotional abilities. 

We also appreciate and support that our clients are unique and have different needs.  In order to best fulfill these needs we are happy to develop our own tools (especially in the case of assessment centers and board evaluations) and customize them to match the organization’s strategy, culture and specific goals.