Client Services

Exit Strategies

In the spirit of never ending learning, we strongly believe that companies gain significantly by capitalizing on the knowledge and ideas of their greatest asset: Human Capital.  This does not only apply to the time employees spend with the company, but becomes even more important at the moment when they leave because employees at that time tend to be more open and honest with their feedback.

Instead of distancing themselves from employees who leave them, organizations have an ample opportunity to better themselves and make sure that there are no hard feelings left between them and their employees – an organization’s potential future ambassadors.

This is why we not only assist our clients with setting up ways to collect the information (give ideas how to best obtain feedback as well as help design questions), but also serve as a sounding board for employees by talking to them on behalf of our clients and independently processing their data.

Based on the information gathered we produce and present combined reports to our clients.  The reports fully respect employee confidentiality and clearly show any important trends organizations are interested in learning about.