Client Services

Performance Management

From its humble beginnings in the form of an annual performance appraisal – a classic lagging indicator -- performance management has grown into a fully developed and respected area of Human Resources. 

Today, performance management is an ongoing collaboration between a manager and an employee through which the employee’s goals and work objectives are planned, monitored and reviewed for the benefit of both the organization and the individual.

Our services in the area of performance management deal with an array of components of this important process. 

We assess organizational readiness to engage in performance management and its fit with any methods currently in use.  

For the organizations who wish to implement or re-assess performance management we create or study the process from the beginning, making sure that it is aligned with corporate strategy and linked with training and development, performance improvement tools and rewards. 

Finally, we measure the benefits of the existing performance management processes in order to determine whether the organizations are fully capitalizing on its many benefits.