Client Services

Succession & Evaluation

Succession and evaluation utilize elements from many areas of Human Resources in order to support an organization’s strategy in the short and long term.  The role of succession and evaluation is integral in ensuring the continuance and growth of every business.

Companies who are in advanced stages of succession planning pride themselves on having multiple candidates for all of its key roles and well thought out career paths for each of them.  These companies are unfortunately still exceptions, rather than the rule, but their state is a very powerful one to be in especially in today’s scarce talent market.  Thus, having strong succession development plans can put a company in a position of competitive advantage.

We support our clients with succession and evaluation from the beginning stages where we learn about their available talent and asses it, through understanding organizational needs and priorities in short and long term. 

We help clients decide on succession criteria based on their business strategy, culture and values and assist them with crafting detailed plans and contingencies to ensure their full readiness for changes ahead.